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Able God; shower your blessings we want to spray this money.

Welcome to the Nigeria Party where money is sprayed endlessly.  Are you wondering what this is about? Let us define it the Nigerian way:  Money Spraying is an act of plastering money on the celebrant when he/she is dancing. You get the gist?

Recently, the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) placed a ban on the spraying of money during any occasion. This means anyone caught will go to jail or pay a fine of Fifty thousand Naira.

So Nigerians should just envelop the money and give it to the celebrant? Ehn? Nigerians?  How will those that are in the party know if we are spending Dollar or Pounds, no one even want to spend Naira these days.  How will Owanbe parties be sweet?

But wait! Imagine going to a party and people are stepping on the Naira notes. Ha! The heads of our heroes: Obafemi Awolowo, Nnmadi Azikwe, Tafawa Balewa etc. are being stepped upon. That is a total disrespect to the identity of Nigeria. Even if you are spraying “Mama Charlie” (dollars), Mama Charlie will not like to see people stepping on her head. 

I think while it’s good to felicitate with the celebrants we must learn to give honour to the Naira. This is more important because if we don’t, it will keep losing it’s social value even among the international communities or what do you think?

Framed Words, Lagos

Image: Classique Imagery Studios

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