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Owanbe Community

If you are an owanbe enthusiast and a frequent wedding guest, you will agree that a wedding without an ‘alaga’ can as well not happen. That was a joke though. Apologies to our non-Yoruba-speaking folks; we truly love you.

Nonetheless, is it not amazing how ‘alagas’ make owanbe gatherings fun to be at? We’ve always wondered how they do it: getting the drummers, their banter and even the easy flow with which they coordinate our traditional weddings.

‘Alaga Iduro’ (the standing MC) represents the groom’s family, while ‘Alaga Ijoko’ (the sitting MC) represents the bride’s family. Performances from these two is usually like a rehearsed play for owanbe attendees, aimed at entertaining both families and the audience. Both MCs create such a sweet flow in communicating in the Yoruba dialect as they speak the minds of both families fluently, thus weaving an awesome traditional wedding atmosphere.

‘Alagas’ (a collective reference to both MCs) always have a ready made song regardless of your pedigree and they make owanbe events (especially traditional wedding ceremonies) worth your while as they raise songs for both bride and groom. The richness of their act is remarkably in line with the richness of language employed at such ceremonies.

Owambe weddings are never complete until there is an ‘alaga’. Do you agree?

Tag an alaga that makes things happen.



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  • Ola
    July 21, 2018

    Alagas are often more interesting than the MCs at the wedding reception.

    They engage the couple and their families thoroughly.

    Sometimes they go to the extreme, but then they spice up the event.

  • Justina
    July 21, 2018

    I love that a new generation of ‘alaga’ is being infused into the scene going by what the likes of Oluremi SAN is doing. It’s simply beautiful!

  • Oladele pk
    July 21, 2018

    U re right Jo,gbogbo sorosoro,aso gbayi

  • Omotoyosi Olatunji
    February 17, 2020



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