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In late 2019, the whole world was shaken as a result of an outbreak of a novel coronavirus which later put the globe on a standstill in 2020. Its effect is still being felt in all sectors of the world economy and the event industry is not spared.

The events industry happens to be one of the dynamic and fast-growing sub-sectors within the hospitality value chain in the world. For example, the Nigerian events industry is estimated to be among the most extravagant in the world. It is reported that Nigerian elites spend an average of 2 million dollars on their dream weddings. Hardly does any week go by in Lagos State alone without well over 2,000 events happening in the metropolitan city.

Unfortunately, the event industry, especially the wedding sector of it, is one sector that has continued to bear the impact of the COVID-19 after the Nigerian government placed a ban on large gatherings and directed her citizens to observe strict adherence to social distancing. This led to many cancellations of weddings, two-thirds of the elaborate weddings which dates were fixed before March 22 2020 did not take place while postponed ones were restricted to a few guests with a very low budget which adversely affected businesses and income generation for players in the industry.

However, there has been a paradigm shift in the order of events in Nigeria and the world at large as the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated changes that would have taken years to catch on, especially in the event industry.

The pandemic has ushered technology into the industry as intimate weddings are now being held online using event tech platforms like zoom, google meet, YouTube amongst others. Social distancing, nose masking, body temperature check and hand sanitizer are the new gate pass even where “strictly by invitation” notice is placed at the entrance of the venue.

Meanwhile the players in the industry were able to tap into the opportunity created by the pandemic and thereby took the bull by its horn as they creatively carved a way out of the negative effects of the pandemic on the industry.

Event halls with very large capacity introduced spacious sitting arrangement to accommodate the restricted number of guests of their clients with strict adherence to social distancing and other Covid-19 guidelines.

Party food vendors adopted home delivery of food items, fruits, drinks, wines and party souvenirs packaged from the comfort of their own houses to the homes of guests on the online guests list of clients who were buoyant enough to afford such a creative service in a bid to make people feel the vibe of the wedding meals even from the comfort of their homes.

As the lockdown was eased, and people began to gather again for parties, cash gift via bank transfer was introduced to reduce contact and a bucket list of couples’ wants was invented by gift vendors for interested guests to pay for any gift they could afford online for the couples.

It’s beautiful seeing fun and glamour gather again in our weddings and alike event post-lockdown with the creative and evolving touch of planners and host.

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Photo Credit: https: Zapphaire Events

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