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Owanbe Community

It is an obvious fact that despite the epileptic economic condition of Nigeria, the country remains one of the happiest nations of the world, with her populous socialite citizens who are ready to go all out to derive satisfaction from anything including partying, as long as it can make them happy. Little wonder why one of the governors in the country attempted to create an office of commissioner of happiness.

As a socialite group of people, Nigerians love to turn up at Owanbes especially weddings, looking all gorgeous and flamboyantly dressed.

A lot has been said about the cost of having an elaborate wedding in Nigeria, but the spotlight hasn’t been shone on the cost of being an aso-ebi guest at a Nigerian wedding. This has indeed caught our curiosity to look into the cost of being a uniformed guest at a Nigerian wedding.

It all begins with the Aso-ebi. An average Aso-ebi for top socialite weddings in Nigeria may go for between #35,000 – #100,000 or even more, after which the stylist may charge between #20,000 – #70,000 or more depending on the styling preference. The cost of other accessories like handbag or purse, shoes, wristwatch, eyeglasses, bracelet, necklace and the trending ankle chain for people who like to go all out, might vary from #40,000 – #160,000 depending on the quality and brand.

For the female guest, make-up and gele tying is another area to incur expenses. An average makeup artist in Lagos charge #10,000 for a session while a professional artist may charge between #3000 – #7000 for a prim and proper owanbe gele styling.

In a situation whereby the event is in a location outside the residential state of the guest, flight tickets and hotel booking for a night is unavoidable. A room in an average hotel in Nigeria may cost between #20,000 – #40,000 or more depending on the location and class of the hotel. Not forgetting how friends and family members of the couples honor hosts on the dance floor with spraying of Naira notes.

Truly, Nigerian wedding guests are investors or more like stakeholders in many marriages (lol).

Dear couples and event host, please, do appreciate specially, wedding guests that turn up for your events, they are the true MVPs.

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Photo Credit: Bedge Pictures

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