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As the year 2022 just began, the end goal of every individual is to have a successful year in which they can point at one or two things as the success(es) they achieve at the end of the year, but how can this be achieved?

The word success in itself is a relative term that connotes different meanings to different people at different periods of time. For some, success may mean achieving financial prosperity, or achieving a certain feat like gaining or losing weight, getting married, living a luxurious life, while others measure their success by the number of trophies, awards, recognition and accolades they receive.

According to Richard Branson, “true success should be measured by how happy you are” and not how much money you make or the people you associate with. Little wonder there are some average and even low level earners who are living a comfortable lifestyle and are happy with what they have, compared to people with riches and wealth.

Whatever success might connote to you, this article talks about ten habits of successful people that can dramatically change your lifestyle. They are applicable to any area of life, and if persistently applied, you can be double sure of accomplishing any life goals that you set out for yourself easily.

Positive Attitude: Winning begins in the mind, and you become what conceive in your mind. Having a positive attitude towards your goal is a key factor to succeed at it. Joel Brown refers to gratitude and positive self-talk as priorities in the lives of the ultra-successful. They believe in themselves and confess positivity about their goals. Cultivate the habit of having a positive attitude towards your goal, and you see yourself achieving it.

Identify your bad habits: To genuinely achieve success you need to observe yourself and admit that you have some bad habits that may stand as roadblock if not taken away. Be humble enough to identify them and eliminate them slowly but steadily. It might be the number of time you spend in front of TV, or scrolling mindlessly on your social media platforms. Observe yourself first. Then work on eliminating at least some of the habits that squander your time, energy, creativity, health.

Be yourself: “Becoming you is your life purpose,” said Danielle LaPorte. Be original, don’t fake it. Focus on your strengths. Leverage your contrasts. In her book Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin created her own commandments and the first one was “Be Gretchen”. The significance of this commandment was great, she basically encouraged herself to follow her intuition and her own rules in many situations. She stopped forcing herself to embrace something just because the society places emphasis on it.

Be organized: One notable habit common among successful people is organization. This includes planning, and setting goals and priorities. Things seldom catch them unaware because they plan for it. According to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Sunday is an important day for organization “getting ready for the rest of the week.” Write your To-do-list for the new week on Sunday. This will give you direction on what to do per time.

Focus: Michael LeBouf, the author of “The Millionaire in You” wrote that “Winners focus, losers spray,” while Corley reveals that many self-made millionaires tend to have a quite time in the morning to think about every area of their lives. Successful people do not only have goals, but they also reflect on their progress, health, and relationships at all times. Analyzing their thoughts during these quiet times is associated with stress reduction and will help focus on the main goals in this distracted world.

Sleep: There’s a limit to which your brain can be stretched per day. You need to relax your brain and every other part of your body so as to gain the vitality to pursue your goal the next day. And the best way to do so is to take adequate sleep. Having enough sleep helps sharpens and recharges your brain to tackle any task throughout the day. Similarly, sleep is not just about hours. The quality of sleep also matters. So, a proper schedule makes you feel well-rested and prepared for the day ahead.

Networking: In the quest to be successful, you can’t afford to isolate yourself from like minds. No man is an island, hence, you need to network and collaborate. Successful people understand the importance of exchanging ideas with others through networking. They also know the value of collaboration and teamwork.

Reading: Every successful people is an ardent reader. The best way to achieve any feat is to learn from someone who has knowledge about it or who have achieved such a feat before. And this can be done by reading. While some successful people read for pleasure, most of them use reading to gain knowledge, insight or to steer up a new zeal in them.

Social Environment: As the famous saying goes, “You are the average of the five people you associate with most.” Successful people understand this maxim that is why they surround themselves with motivated and ambitious people who strive for success. Surround yourself with people who can push you to success.

Take Action: Successful people don’t just stop at organization, planning, or setting priorities for their goals, they implement their plans by taking actions. They act quickly and often. While others come up with reasons not to act, successful people take that all-important first step – even if it seems outlandish. There’s no matter how much tips and ideas you acquire to achieve a certain feat, it only remains an acquired knowledge until you implement it before it makes a difference in your life.

As you imbibe these habits of success, I hope you will be successful this year and beyond. Have a blessed 2022!

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