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Undoubtedly, one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century is the advent of social media. The invention has taken cyberspace on fire like a wildfire in harmattan season. It has been able to break the geographical barrier in humanity as it has reduced the world to a global village where information is shared at the speed of light.

The advent of social media has done more good than harm to Nigerians with many young talented Nigerians using the platform to flaunt their talents, becoming Instagram models, Tiktok influencers, Snapchat personalities, YouTube Skit comedians, Singers, amongst others.

Gone are the days when many upcoming comedians hopped from one night club, party and event to another and from one talent show to another hoping to get that big break that will shoot them into the limelight. Recently many upcoming comedians have taken to social media to showcase their talents.

Many of the new age comedians upload relatable contents curated from the comfort of their studio, home or even environment on their social media handles, to first start up conversations, attract followership, attract endorsements and then comes the rain of cashing out in bits.
Omo! What a cool way of making money. Lolz…

Meanwhile, that money does not come that easy; it comes as a result of hard work, perseverance, consistency and high level of creativity. Most of these comedians play multiple roles of different characters in a skit. For example, @taaooma and @twyse_116 take up the roles of different characters in a typical Nigerian home and other characters depending on the script. Their ability to change and modulate their voices to portray each character in each skit also makes their creativity unique.

You may be wondering how the same comedian plays multiple roles in a skit, in which, in some cases, there would be near close contacts between these characters like @taaooma playing the role of a mother slapping her own daughter which is being played by herself. This indeed is not magic; it is a work of video editing. And most times, these comedians edit their videos by themselves. All these culminate to the level of hard work that goes behind the scene of any comedy skit you see online. So, the next time you see a comedy skit online, do well to hit the like button to encourage the skit maker.

Besides their creativity at playing multiple roles at the same time, one can not overemphasize how these skit makers have been able to portray and promote African culture through their use of costumes. While creating and sticking to a particular character type, these comedians stick to a particular costume that suits the character they portray. Some of them like @mrmacaroni use colorful Agbada made from fine fabric that portray the Yoruba style of dressing to play the role of a typical rich Yoruba father.

This has been able to influence some non-African skit makers to adopt African costumes in their video skits. This indeed we say is a good one for the African fashion industry at large.

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