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Owanbe Community

Fashion is an evolution and a recreation of creativity to suit the present. This perception of fashion births the idea of #retromagic by a team of fashion/wedding industries finest led by our lead at Owanbe Community Olúwátóbi Ògúndélé.

Retro simply means an imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past. Hence, #retromagic is a magical delectable design imitated from the recent past Nigerian styles. It is suffice to say that Nigerian fashion stylists revisits the past to draw inspiration for the next phase of the fashion evolution. A lot of fashion items in vogue today are modification of some styles that people rocked in the recent past.

Going down the memory lane in the early 60’s the Yoruba men mostly wore a variety of combinations like the Agbada (flowing overall), Bùbá/Esiki/Sapara (Shirt) and Kèmbè/Gbáanu/Sóóró (pants) with colorful caps (fila) like Gobi or Abetí-ajá. The traditional Igbo men wore Isiagu (a shirt with large lion heads, crowns or other symbols), wide-legged trousers or wrappers with caps such as Okpu Agu, with matching walking stick. Hausa/Fulani men traditionally wore large flowing gowns called Babariga with robes called Jalabiya. These clothes usually have elaborate embroidery around the neck.

Likewise in the 60s, Yoruba women wore Ìró (wrapper) and Bùbá (blouse–like loose top), and a matching Gèlè (head gear) over their heads with a long pieces of fabric that usually hang on the left shoulder and stretch from the hind of the body to the fore which is called ìborùn/ipèlé (shawl). The Igbo women wore elegant blouse made from George or Lace materials with pretty puffed sleeves and embroidery on clothing with 2 wrappers and scarf. Their beautiful Hausa women wore traditional outfits made into RigadaZani that are made out of colorful patterned Ankara print fabrics, paired on matching blouses, head ties and shawls with beautiful body paint ornaments.

The dressing styles in the 60s compared to present times can be said to be related because most of the styles that were worn then are still in vogue nowadays but have been modified to suit the present day modernized fashion styles.  The style of the past seems to be finding expression in present day Nigeria yet again.

This has given rise to many fashion stylists like @ceomaniaalasooke to re-modernize the recent past fashion styles into delectable modern styles through his new design #retromagic.

#Retromagic is a classy and vintage-inspired look designed by @ceomaniaalasooke and meticulously tailored by @folaraj_atelier The delectable two-piece #aso-oke skirt and pleated sleeve top is made from the ageless woven Sanyan et Rose Gold aso-oke fabric, the piece is cladded in matching appliques on the frontal region that deftly around the cleavage down to the left edge of the top taking a flow to the left side from the waist to the circumference of the tip of the grown. It has a dropping flap by side of the waist that drops to the mid-thigh with a detachable flowing cape. This ensemble #aso-oke outfit is inspired by the 1960s Yoruba gowns.

The beautiful outfit which was modeled by an elegant “enchantress” @preciousokoye was shoot in the Lagos Colonial Secretariat complex alongside a yellow 1976 MERCEDES W123 to give it a perfect vintage taste. The 124 year old building which once hosted Lord Lugard  between 1901-192 was officially completed in 1895 and his famous for its English styled architectural setup with its two twin towers which served as a guard front for security watch; overlooking the rest of the building and a good portion of Lagos Island environs.

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Makeup @mosewabeauty_
Hairstyling @ddanielstouch
Aso-oke & Styling @ceomaniaalasooke
Tailoring @folaraj_atelier
Headpiece and Jewelry @gbengaartsmith
Photography @tosindaniels_photography


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