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Owanbe Community

Following a successful outing of the intriguing Sisi Pelebe at Theaterwelt in June and Terra Kulture in August, 1000 stories production is coming back in October to Terra Kulture with a cultural sensational drama titled Omugwo.

Omugwo showing from the 1st of October and will run every Saturday and Sunday till the 24th of October (not showing on the 10th) by 5:30pm and 7:30pm respectively at the legendary Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos for is an immersive theatre play that drives the conversation on pregnancy and women’s mental health, and the age long traditional African culture of women supporting women. In Igbo culture, Omugwo is a period when a mother of either of the parents of the new born or any woman related to the new mother (in case where the husband’s and wife’s mother are late) takes out time to care for the new mother who has just had a baby.

Omugwo tells the story of a baby who has been born and must bridge the failing relationship between husband and wife. Chimamanda’s last stroke to bring her failing marriage back from the brink, unfortunately, does little to save it. As the truth is peeled back, layer after layer, we are left to question stereotypes regarding culture, family, incest and post-partum depression.

The play written and set to be directed by Kelvinmary Ndukwe with talented thespians such as Floyd Igbo, Uche Chika Elumelu, Patrick Dante Oke, Chukwu Martin, Bunmi Sogade and Evaezi Ogoro amongst others dialoguing the suspense in lines and movements.

Omugwo is proudly supported by Terra Culture, Owanbe Community and Zi Pictures.

For tickets and enquires, kindly click on @omugwotheplay

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