We are an all-inclusive house of brands in the indigenous fabric, fashion design and culture content sector. The brand boldly explores culture with the use of Aso-Oke & other culture based fabrics, producing exclusive indigenous & contemporary look styling, image consulting for clients, and advisory for other brands in the culture clothing sector.

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defining modern luxury


We bring you a comfy companion you can trust. OBA is an infusion of two traditional cultures — cork footbed and the beautiful Yoruba fabric Aso Oke — to make beautiful footwear.

We explore cultures of diverse kinds to suit the needs of our customers and to bridge cultural gaps. The wellness and comfort of your feet comes first. Whether you’re hanging out on campus, sipping wine in a city cafe, dancing to soothing beats at an Owanbe, taking a walk with your loved ones, or programming, you’ll feel great all day in this comfy footwear. Our pieces are synonymous to comfort.

Ceomania Alaso-Oke

An aso-ebi, couples engagement, events and personal style brand.

Ponle Clothings

A strictly male clothier firm that showcases a mix of modern lifestyle with culture signatures.


We complete personal or group couture with comfy feet accessories.