We are an all-inclusive house of brands in the indigenous fabric, fashion design and culture content sector. The brand boldly explores culture with the use of Aso-Oke & other culture based fabrics, producing exclusive indigenous & contemporary look styling, image consulting for clients, and advisory for other brands in the culture clothing sector.

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what they’re saying

@ceomaniaalasooke: Bisola told me to trust you with my outfit; I'm really glad I listened. You're friendly, competent and reliable. Above all, you're a badass at what you do. Thank you so much for making us look regal. We appreciate you.

Lola Sanusi

Happy Client

@Ponle_clothings We just tried them all on and they fit very lovely, Praise God. We definitely want to use you again.

Micaiah Young

Happy Client

@Ponle_clothings LOL, You did great. I am looking for it. I will send once I get it. He was very impressed with his Buba and Trousers, he is used to being disappointed with that but for the first time, it was a perfect fit.


Happy Client

@Ponle_clothings E se o.... thank you sooooo very much. For your patience, attention to detail, and allowing me to bug you anytime. You are truly appreciated and I hope to do more business with you in the future... 👍🏾

Busola Amele

Happy Client

@Obabycao What I love most about it is the comfort it brings to my feet. Thanks for a great product.

Olusola Akinbo

Happy Client

@Obabycao Good evening. I received the package few days back, it is so lovely and light, so comfortable for the feet, may God continue to beautify your works.


Happy Client

@Obabycao It was a gift and he really loved it. Perfect size. Coming for another one soon. I love it

Damilola Alasooke

Happy Client

@ceomaniaalasooke Words fail me right now. My aso-oke was beautiful. I know I was a difficult client but you were patient with me all through. At a particular time I thought you were going to refund me when my trouble was too much, but you were calm all through and you kept on saying okay ma to my tiny self. You never for once raised your voice at me. Your calmness is contagious... I love love my aso-oke. God will continue to bless the work of your hands.

Ogunbusola Opeyemi

Happy Client

@Ceomaniaalasooke Darling Tobi, the moment Yetunde referred you to me I knew you would be able to get the job done. You were a sweetheart from the very beginning. You definitely surprised me with our Aso-Oke. I am in love with it. Thank you for your hand work and dedication. We appreciate you and God bless you abundantly. Please come and get your rice pack on our big day. Thank you.

Ayo & Peter

Happy Clients

@Ceomaniaalasooke Whaooo. Very very nice. No wonder it took a long time. You did a very good job. To be candid all the aso oke you made for us were all beautiful. God will continue to bless d work of your hands in Jesus name.

Mrs Alli

Happy Client