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Apart from your birthday celebration which is a recurrent event annually, your wedding ceremony is the only celebration bestowed on you by nature and culture in which you are aware of and are an active participant in the celebration, unlike naming and burial ceremonies. So, you don’t want to ruin the only possibility of having a memorable celebration of you that you are actively involved among the three natural cum cultural events.

Your wedding day is definitely one of your happiest days on earth, if not the happiest, and you will definitely want to make it as memorable as possible. Hence, there will be a lot of butterflies in your belly that will obviously make you feel nervous, anxious, over joyous, and too busy that might make you lose your appetite in the process. However, you must encourage yourself to eat no matter how small (a cup of tea and bread early in the morning may do) because it’s going to be a very long and busy day for you, and it is not a good idea to go through such a day on an empty stomach.

Time is a precious gift that must not be mismanaged. It is of course very precious on your wedding day too, because a lag in the order of the wedding program as a result of time factor may muddle every other thing up. And you know that your wedding is your big day because you are the focus of attention and the ceremony won’t start until you are there. Hence, you need not to be careless about time. It will be disrespectful to keep the officiating religious leaders, in-laws, families, guests and your spouse waiting. How well you adhere to time will definitely tell on the overall outcome of the whole event at the end of the day.

As earlier said, weddings are cultural and most if not all traditional weddings are dramatic in process. The chants, greetings and colorful display of the hosts are sometimes unnecessarily prolonged. So it’s advisable you prepare yourself for the drags as they sometimes get to both or either of the couple.

Don’t forget to wear a smashing smile all through your special day. Wedding preparations can be stressful and daunting. Nonetheless, you don’t want to look at your wedding pictures or videos in the future and wonder what went wrong. Hence, you need to wear a smashing smile all day so as to brighten up your day, relieve you of the stress and make you enjoy every bit of the moment.

Note this! It is very possible to have some reservations about your in-laws that you may want to complain about. Whatever the situation may be, your big day is not the time to air such dislike about them or their behaviors. They are best kept for conversations less likely to be overheard by them or anybody that may want to gossip that to them.

You must be careful not to lose control of your good spirit special day. It’s your day, mehn! You have to be in control! If the photographer isn’t getting the shots you want or if the DJ hasn’t played your favourite song, or you want a particular song from the musical band or the MC is not giving you that vibe you want, don’t just sit quietly in the corner, attempt a reminder on the scheduled plans.

In addition to the previous paragraph, you have to control your emotions in doing that. You may need a standby sanity-checker to put you in check in case you are about to lose your cool, lolz. Don’t fight or shout at anybody. There may be things that may likely upset you, but try as much as possible to keep your cool in order not to ruin your happy moment.

In a nutshell, get a good event planner and be sure to outline your needs beforehand.

You deserve a happy day.

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Photo Credit: Ceomania Alaso-Oke

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