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Jewelry maker Gbenga Artsmith is back with another styled wedding shoot! This one is specially for the Yoruba couple and their #AsoEbiBella.

From matching aso oke outfits to splendid second attire, this will definitely inspire not just the bride, but also the entire wedding party!

Gbenga shared –

“What inspired this shoot was purely the desire to push the envelope and do something unusual – tow an uncharted territory, dare what no one else has before. Conventional is boring, we wanted something fresh.

And so I and Tobi Ogundele of @ceomaniaalasooke while brainstorming on what innovation we could bring into a wedding shoot aside from the typical focus on the bride’s appearance, a light bulb lit and we decided we were going to stage an actual engagement ceremony – with all the trappings of a modern traditional wedding.”

Here’s what the team of talented wedding professionals came up with … Enjoy & be inspired!

Photography: Raremagic Gallery
Jewelry/Styling: @gbengaartsmith
Bride: @kemionabanjo
Groom: @iamoluwatobi_
Aso Oke: @ceomaniaalasooke
Bride’s Second Outfit: @teethreads
Coral Fabric: @remio.fabrics
Lemon green aso oke gele: @depeju_tribesasooke
Bridal Makeup/Gele: @doyinadunfe
Aso Ebi Ladies’ Makeup: @bloomingdale07
Outfits: @hadassahclothings @abikeclothings @teethreads
Photography: @raremagic_gallery
Friends of the Bride: @caremiteoo1 @tunmisheexclusivetouch and Esther
Video: @theweddingtv
Decor: @lavishbymichelleevents
Hall: Grandeur Hall

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