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The Harmattan Season is known for its characteristic, coldness, dryness, dustiness, extreme hot weather and dehydration. It is not the favorite of many as it brings them to a faux pas when the right wardrobe essentials for the season are not used.

The Yuletide comes up in the Harmattan season with a lot of new scent in the air, body reactions and sometimes lasts till February. A lot of people get caught up with what to wear during this season to maintain their skins as it can be pretty challenging because of the fluctuations in weather of the day; most times, the mornings are extremely cold with very hot afternoons.

To prevent your skin from getting scaly and flaky, you have to dress strategically for the season to accommodate the harsh and fluctuating weather. When you combine a good skincare routine with the right outfits, the weather has nothing on you.

In this post, we have a list of wardrobe essentials needed to protect yourself, your skin, and still slay well in this season of Harmattan.

Long sleeve Shirts
Hardly should you leave your skin uncovered during the period of Harmattan. Hence, long sleeve shirts should be top on your list of clothes for the season. These shirts are to cover up your skin from the dry weather and to prevent your skin from losing its moistness lest it breaks.

Long Gowns
For ladies, the harmattan period is another best time aside from maternity period to get long gowns in your wardrobe, you don’t have to wait till you’re pregnant to get them. Harmattan dries up the skin and makes it unattractive, but wearing long gowns will keep your body from the harness of the harmattan weather.

Slightly Loose Trousers
Regardless of your gender, consider having a few loose trousers in your wardrobe during harmattan season. When you wear tight trousers during this period, you tend to feel uncomfortable because of the heat as a result of the hot weather, but loose trousers will cover the skin of your legs and allow you to feel comfortable in them. As a lady, you should consider putting on more corporate trousers and fashionable loose ones to prevent heat and keep your skin smooth.

Sweaters and Jackets
Harmattan is characteristically known for its extreme coldness, hence there’s no better time to get a sweater, cardigan or a heavy jacket to ward off the cold. Meanwhile, avoid getting the black color of any of these because black attracts and conserves heat, and  you wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable if the sun gets too hot.

Cover Shoes and Cans
The worst time to have a wound on your leg is the Harmattan season. As a result of low humidity and extreme dryness, wounds can be extremely painful at this time, and feet easily get caked like scales. To avoid this, wearing cover shoes and cans should be your preference. Avoid sandals or flat and open footwear during this period of Harmattan.

Sunglasses and Hats
To avoid the dustiness of the season and the extreme hotness of its sun, you need a pair of sunglasses, and a hat to protect your eyes from the floating sand particles and the scorching sun. Alternatively, you can wear a face cap instead of a hat.

We hope these few tips will help get you ready and groovy through this season?

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