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Dress Etiquettes for Bridal Shower Guests

Choosing an outfit for any kind of ceremonial occasion is done with much carefulness, intentionality and thought of the party’s peculiarity in mind, of which a bridal shower party is by no means an exception.

Selecting a befitting dress for a bridal shower can be a daunting task. The curiosity to match the formality, theme, season, and standard of the occasion, as well as wanting to feel comfortable, astonishing, cool, great, and being able to look good in photographs in whatever choice of outfit manacles many bridal shower guests to a palpable gulf of fashion dilemma.

Oftentimes, some people find themselves in a dicey situation of how to wear what to wear to a bridal shower because it is not a regular party they get invited to like the general wedding ceremony. Bridal shower is a party of a few selected closely-knitted-friends.

Bridal shower is an all ladies/women kind of party except in some very rare cases where men are invited. The party is an ancient pre-wedding and farewell custom for unmarried ladies, which could be traced to the 1890s. It is a very common practice nowadays in the USA and Canada, meanwhile, Nigerian ladies have embraced and inculcated it into their wedding events.

The shower could be organized by the bride herself, but in most cases, it is a surprise party organized by the groom-to-be or by the association of closely knitted friends of the bride who task themselves with the required bills.

Originally, a bridal shower was created to provide material support for a future family. The guests can give their gifts not only for matrimonial homes, but also provide financial assistance.

For many brides, their shower is an avenue where their guests share in their joy, tears and laughter; where childhood memories are retold; where food and drinks abound to merry; where pieces of advice are passed down by older ones, where guests dance together with the bride-to-be with so much fun and bridal shower games like two truths and a lie, wedding scramble etc. while some may take it further to the extent of praying for the bride.

The shower usually lasts for an hour or two while some make it an all night party hosted in either houses of the bride or groom, a close family member’s house or in a hotel.

There are basically different types of bridal showers among which we found Fancy, Casual, Restaurant, and Backyard Bridal Showers as the most common. Needless to engage the peculiarities of each of these bridal showers, there are some basic etiquettes that govern the kind of dress to wear to any of them. Below are some of them:

⇒ Avoid wearing the same color with the bride except if it’s a theme color bridal shower where the bride wears the same color with the guests. There is no point in wearing the same color of dress with the bride aside the stated clause, unless you want to compete and steal her spotlight.

⇒ Avoid wearing anything too tight, sexy, revealing, or seductive. A bridal shower is not the time to flaunt sexy curves and butt. Since the shower is an all ladies/women party, and since this event is technically part of the wedding festivities, it is best to keep things buttoned up since the groom might be in attendance in between.

⇒ Dress moderately to impress notwithstanding the theme of the shower whether casual or formal.

⇒ Modesty is key except where stated otherwise.

⇒ Wear pastels, neutrals and bright colors to match the celebratory tone of the occasion. Floral prints are a great go-to for parties like this.

⇒ Make sure your choice of dress makes you comfortable in case there are bridal shower games.

⇒ Tone down a neutral dress or top with bold shoes or accessories.

⇒ A bridal shower dress should be the same length as a bridal shower dress of the bride or at least approximately the same.

⇒ If there is a dress code for the shower indicated on the invitation card or through any other means, ensure you abide by it as much as possible as a show of respect.

⇒ Regardless of the location, it is safer to wear an outfit that aligns with the general dress code of the location.

Do you have one or more dress etiquettes for bridal showers you would love to share? Kindly drop your views in the comment section, and let our readers learn from you.

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Photo Credit: Bridalshowersng.

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