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Have you ever been to a party where you cannot differentiate between the photographer(s) and the people taking photos? Ok, we are all guilty of it but this can be frustrating to a paid photographer when he is not able to capture the MAIN Celebrants properly. While the Celebrants are “Gbe bodying” the Photographer is trying to capture all the dance steps but the ‘Phonographers’ will bring out their 8MP camera and start taking pictures, obstructing the view of the employed photographer. It is good to take pictures and upload on our Social Media pages rejoicing with the celebrants but there is someone that has been paid to capture “digital photos”.  Oh! There are phones that have high definition cameras but ermmmm, let us allow the ‘Original Camera” capture the beautiful scenes. The funny part of this is that those pictures taken with the phones will be deleted within few days after it has been uploaded on Facebook with the caption “Let us keep these here” gbam! The pictures get deleted from their phones. In as much as we want to celebrate with the celebrants, we should not “Spoil market” for the paid photographer because after eating our Rice and chicken, we will go home and the photographer will left with the query of why he did not capture all the “Wow” moments. Hey! Phonographers, eh gbe phonu yin kuro. So, what do you say, do we lock up phones at the entrance of parties, so that we all have a good view of the event, while the photographers get amazing shots? Or, we let everyone bring in their phone and let them spill and trend all the party highlights on social media before the couple make time for it?


Writer Framed Words, Lagos

Editor Akinwunmi, Melbourne

Image  jideoketonadephotography

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