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Christmas is a special festive season that everyone all over the world looks forward to having. It has been described by so many people like the popular Yoruba musician, Ebenezer Obey; as a matchless festive among the numerous festive celebrations in Nigeria.

Richelle Goodrich once said that “Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth, sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever” but the reality of it is that Christmas doesn’t last forever, you can only make it memorable by doing unusual things like visiting places that you have never been before the season that will make the memory of Christmas linger forever in you.

Many Nigerians are used to visiting their hometown for the Christmas celebration to reunite with extended family members, attend ceremonies, festivals and religious events. Meanwhile, you can break from this routine and visit nice places within the country other than your hometown.

The essence of visiting a place other than your hometown for this holiday season is to spend quality time with your loved ones that will strengthen your bond as a family, and also avail you the opportunity to meet new people and to unwind.

The good news is that Nigeria is blessed with remarkable destinations where you can spend the Christmas holidays with your family. So, in case you are planning a trip to Nigeria for Christmas or you reside in the country, we present you a list of 8 unique places in the country that are nice to spend your Christmas vacation ranging from the place where nature is at its perfect form, to classical places and ultra-modern scenery.



Located on the fringes of Lekki Epe Expressway away from the hustling and bustling city of Lagos, visitors are greeted with a relaxed milieu and dazzling beauty harmonised with an avant-garde and traditional style, the moment they step into the resort.

This luxurious resort offers sanctuary to those who wish to rest their weary minds and rejuvenate their spirits. As it is adjacent to various lagoons and amongst a lush indigenous forest, you are sure to find an ambience that is peaceful and contented. The air and the endless clear skies invite you to relax and dream, therewith touching your soul.

Within this sub-tropical paradise you will find the highest expression of exclusive hospitality where guests will enjoy world-class service, relaxation and comfort – thus ensuring an unforgettable experience. Indulge yourself in a break out of Lagos State’s most enviable resort destination – Epe Resort and Spa. Let warm days and twinkling nights form the backdrop to your holiday of lively activities, culinary excellence, luxurious pampering and endless entertainment.



Surrounded by nature, beach & sea, Sencillo is the Perfect Getaway from the hustle and bustle in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. With direct access to the Atlantic Ocean coastline, Sencillo is located on Ilashe Island about 30mins boat ride from Victoria Island.

With its minimalist all-white design, lush lawns, tall palms and a private lounge overlooking the beautiful crystal-clear pool, Sencillo is undoubtedly one of the foremost luxury beach houses in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sencillo was created with a series of spaces to enable retreats, romantic getaways, family gatherings, weddings and other larger groups in mind. Guests at Sencillo have access to a Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Private Lounge, Pool Table, Ping-Pong Table, Volleyball area, Dinning Amenities, Dance Pole, Sunbeds, Uninterrupted Electricity, Internet, Outdoor Surround Speakers, Onsite Concierge and more.



Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, away from the bustling and busy life of Lagos, Lakowe Lakes and Golf Resort is one of the best vacation destinations to be with loved ones. The resort has manicured green grass, powdery white sand bunkers, tropical palm groves, and glistening lakes at one of the most pristine 18-hole golf courses in West Africa.

Lakowe Lakes Golf is a world-class golf resort developed on 82 immaculate hectares of beautifully designed golf course, with an exclusive 5-Star hospitality arm with Balinese inspired Cottages and Spa; Corporate Lodge including conference hall, banquet hall, and boardrooms whilst the residential Country Estate sits quietly on the perimeter of the golf course overlooking the serenity that is Lakowe Lakes.



If you are looking for a place to help you establish a lasting bond between you and your spouse or family in this holiday period, then Obudu is the perfect choice.

Obudu Ranch Resort is one of the best if not the best vacation destinations in Nigeria to enjoy the holiday in an environment that offers a perfect blend of nature and modernity. Situated in the northern part of Cross River State, the ranch offers beautiful mountain-area and country-side views with a well preserved and calm serene environment to suit all visitors.

Among the tourist attractions that the resort has are a water park, a golf course and horse riding, night club as well as bonfires.



For family or couple looking for a destination to spend the holiday to have a quality time to bond together and still enjoy themselves to the fullest, Ibom Hotel & Resort in Uyo is the best place to be. The resort distinctly stands out as the pride of Akwa Ibom.

Located upon a very lush palm vegetation, this resort is known for its exceptional golf course and unruffled environment. The deluxe palm vegetation keeping a keen watch on this magnificent facility speaks to the fact about Mother Nature’s undying care. Known for offering one of the best local foods in the country, this resort combines privacy with majesty and is sure to give visitors a treat which would remain on their lips for years to come.



Are you thinking of a nice location to host your family picnic, friend’s get-together, to spend quality time bonding together? Wonderland Amusement Park is a nice place to go.

The Wonderland Amusement Park is an ultra-modern park located in Abuja covering about 330,000 square meters of land. The park offers leisure gardens for visitors’ recreation and rides as well as an amazing arcade. It also has a ranch in it popularly known as Fulani Ranch which offers a variety of tasty local and intercontinental cuisines.

A host of other restaurants and shops are also on ground to cater for your needs while at the park. The park also boasts of a clinic for treatment of minor injuries.



Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Landmark Leisure Beach is the first in-city premier private beachfront in Lagos. The beach features a boardwalk along the Atlantic coastline, spanning the distance of the Landmark Village, home to Hardrock Café, Shiro Restaurant, the renowned Landmark Event Centre and the upcoming Retail Boulevard. It combines a myriad of leisure and recreational activities which caters to adults and children, which makes it a nice holiday destination.



Optimel watersports facility is located in Lagos State and offers a variety of Jet ski activities for the whole family and lovers on a date. There are boats available for rent or surfboards for surf[ping.

You will enjoy a fun-filled day of water-splashing action and feel the wind in your goosebumps as you speed along the Lekki Lagoon, drinking up shoreline scenery and extra-large helpings of exhilaration.

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Photo Credit: Sencillo


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