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OBAbycao: is an infusion of two traditional cultures: “cork footbed and the beautiful Yoruba fabric Aso Oke” to make beautiful footwear.

The Cork Footbed is made from Jupiter fiber and it comes with a shock absorbent aimed at giving your feet a flexible,light-weight,and comfy companion it deserves. The Aso Oke fabric on the other hand is made from the finest of colorful cotton & wool carefully weft and warp by artisans with years of experiences.

Alaari, Etu and Sanyan are the major types of Aso oke fabric that exist at inception but more color and stripes pattern has been introduced to give the fabric a robust and aesthetic space in the heart of culture lovers.The fabric is typically sewn together to make a local clothing. Festivals, coronations and weddings are not complete without Aso Oke.

With OBA footwear, we explore cultures of diverse kinds to suit the needs of our customers and to bridge the gap between cultures of various kinds. The wellness and comfort of your feet comes first. Whether you’re hanging out on campus, sipping wine in a city cafe,dancing to soothing beats at an Owanbe, taking a walk with your loved ones, or programming code,you’ll feel great all day in this comfy footwear.