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Have you ever been flummoxed as to what to wear whenever the invitation to a dinner party came calling at your doorstep? Worry no more; we’ve got you covered in this article.

A dinner party is a social occasion where guests are invited to eat dinner together. It could also mean a social event where a small group of people are invited to have dinner and spend the evening at someone’s house.

For many people, choosing the right outfit to wear for a certain occasion like a dinner party could be a herculean task. Truly it may not always be an easy thing to know the right outfit to wear and what color of shoes and other accessories to go with it in cases where there are many options.

There have been cases where people complain that they have nothing to wear for certain occasions even when their wardrobe is a treasury island of clothes.

Going by the meaning of what a dinner party is, it is obvious that it is not an Owanbe party but a casual get-together party. So any kind of Owanbe-related dress is not in the picture. However, you are expected to make a delectable fashion statement in a simple, subtle and stylish way that resonates with the event. Dinner party outfits don’t need to be elaborate.

To save you from the hassle of choosing a perfect outfit, here are some dress ideas you can wear to a dinner party as a lady:

Gowns: Yeah! This is the first choice of dress that comes to every lady’s mind when there’s a dinner party to go. Whether long or short, free or fitting gowns, these styles of outfit are known to be the perfect choice of outfit for a dinner party, you can go all traditional or a touch of it on your gown by using fabrics like Ankara and even the ageless Aso-Oke as our #newmadefromasooke creates contemporary and delectable gowns suitable for dinner parties.

Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits are great dinner wear that aren’t just casual but fun too. A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs and typically without integral coverings for feet, hands or head. They are generally regarded as a garment of convenience, because of the freedom that comes with them that blends well for the purpose of a dinner party. You can as well shop from our #newmadefromasooke collection for stylish jumpsuits made from Aso-Oke.

Tank top/palazzo: Tank top is a sleeveless, collarless and oftentimes tight-fitting upper garment, while Palazzo is a long woman’s pants cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. The combination of these two makes bespoke wear for a dinner party. It is a fun combo that allows you to be casual and stylish at the same time.

Skirt and blouse: Yes, skirt and blouse! This is never a mismatch especially when the dinner party is a corporate one, organized for a corporate organization where fun mixes with business.

Crop top/Skirt/Pant Trousers: If you’re going for a family dinner party or one where you basically know almost everyone attending, this combo is great because it looks more casual than the others and creates a resonating feeling of familiarity.

Now, going for the choice of shoe to wear, the golden rule is that your shoe should match your purse or clutch or shoulder bag etc. in a way that everything compliments your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a short gown, you need to wear heels.

For other accessories like necklace, earrings and the kind of makeup to wear, simplicity and subtlety remains the rule. A simple necklace and earrings will do. And if you look great without it, that’s fine too.

Lastly, you don’t need to wear heavy makeup. Your makeup needs to be as simple as possible.

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Photo Credit: Ceomania Alaso-Oke | Medlin Boss | Onxybyvalentina

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